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Offering commercial loans to businesses through a credit union helps not only the community that the credit union serves, but also the credit union itself. Langley Commercial Lending Services assists in being there from beginning to end working with Senior Management Teams and building a rewarding commercial lending process.

Langley Commercial Lending Services' team has decades of credit union and banking experience. We are senior lenders, committed to providing your credit union information and insight that you need to successfully manage your commercial lending portfolio. Langley Commercial Lending Services fills a void in the market as a CUSO that not only fully grasps the commercial lending process, but, through partnership, is dedicated to seeing our credit union partners thrive and succeed.

Langley Commercial Lending Services plays a starring role in the advancement of credit union growth. Providing a wide spectrum of services from a la carte underwriting to a full suite that includes the services of a VP of Commercial Lending and strategic planning.